Surprising reaction

When life trows you lemon- what do you do?
Lemonade? Trow them back? Make Lemon-pie?
What ever you choose, I believe it´s what fits you right there and then because few of us react the same everytime but often we do react the same out of habit without giving it any attention why we do as we do. 

However- the benefit of meditation and therefor practice consciousness, have put me in another category of reaction I didn´t expected!

I catch the lemons.. and then,
 I just put them down very gentle, leaving them there and walked away. And it was amazing afterward to notice it was a spontaneous reaction! 
Earlier it would have kept me awake whole night. 
-Not this time Mr! 
I slept as well as I can on my way back to sleep, happy to say without any sleeping pills for a couple of nights now.

So daily meditation is a Keeper!




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