Pro and Cons being a Nerd family


  • We understand the need of gaming time/marathon watching series
  • We cheer it other on to develop skills, your avatar, surroundings in games
  • There´s always someone to turn to for questions (since we all three together cover a huge market of different type of games and how to play them and the same with TV-shows; all from anime to sci fi to dramas, criminal etc)
  • Understanding and encouragement of buying Fan-stuff *Happy Nerds* all of us rather eat healthy but maybe boring food in counter of this ^^/
  • Updating it other about movies, books, spin offs, social media and TV-shows 
  • Helping it other out to exercise- well, that´s me mostly OK hunting the other two away from the computers/Ipad/Iphones to MOVE, because a strong body can make those long sittings without harm you. What I´m talking about here is for example: building a proper and thoughtful house in SIMS 4 took me 45 min. And I got ninja skills in SIMS. Now, if I hadn´t done yoga regularly my back would have been really pissed off and in a lot of pain. Because after the building, I kept playing for at least 2 more hours XD
  • Encouragement to education- The more you know about the world at large, the better! For ex; learning different language have really helped me out to faster figure all from songs, beauty products with no translate to English/Swedish, build-up in stories, fashion or games done by culture way of thinking because if you understand why a language are build the way it is, and it´s always connected to it´s environment/land, it somehow help you break down codes in general!


  • Discussions! All about cleaning, laundry, making dinner, dishes  NOT being done to who´ll make the coffee *kkkkkkk*

As you can see, the PROS are way more and I´m deeply grateful about this.

Mata ne


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