Night Time, Cats and Old Bloggers

Fnassel running around trying to have us hunt him/be able to attack us- he´s really into playing God Bless His Soul and Spirirt, most around 3-6 a´clock a.m!! So I caught him, snuggled and after that he went under the kitchentable *kkkk*

Early morning. Went to bed -damdidam- eyes refuse to close. Took the phone, double check I had cancelled my bookings on the gym to avoid punishment-payment, google areas we´re interested in to move to (crime-rates etc) and then I suddenly remember an old blog I read almost 10 years ago, one of the funniest woman ever and had to google her. Found out she stop blogging 2013 (I can´t even remember what I did back then) but delighted it all was left to read from last blog post and back in time.

After 2 hours reading, I went up, eaten sour milk and  eco müsli with maple syrup grabbing a book I´ve been on waiting list to get and when I got it before Christmas- it was like reading Death. Superboring in other words. But- I suspect there´s some knowledge I might want in it so I´ll now give it a fifth try..

If that doesn´t work, I´ll play SIMS 4!

Mata ne


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