Just a little something about being a parent to a teen

Been a long day. 
Having a teenager in your household is very much alike riding the roller coaster with flat parts in between where you can enjoy the view. And you learn to do it because one thing you discover having a teen in the house is; it all can change on a New York second! From Ladidaa to Everything´s Shit and whatever you say- nothing can change that. And still, I thank God and Universe every night for our son, for him being normal in his development and it´s so cool being allowed to follow on his journey- he even slammed his door two days ago and even tho we had to shout about it, we also got stunned and laughed (NOT at him, but by the fact we got surprised) because that haven´t happen in years.

So Thank God for our Teens and Bless Them.
Also, Thank God for my husband and cat, Bless them too.

Mata ne


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