Good Morning Friday- some freshly baked bread?

The son wanted knäckebröd (for non-Swedes: you know that hard bred they sell on IKEA?!)
so I google recipe, found this one and modified it a bit PRESS HERE
I had cinnamon in it as flavoring but also because it boost your immune system. Food as medicine <3

Did a batch of egg noodles in nourishing broth too so you just can go and grab a dish if you´re hungry so no need to think about making lunch, saving time.

Finally being able to do yoga again, I think it´s been five or six days now since last session because I had to rest and treat left upper side (shoulder, neck and sternum) since I manage to get those muscle groups inflamed four days ago.
But this mornings checkout showed me, I´m ready to go.
Been walking a lot this days instead but even that started to hurt after awhile since we use whole body walking. Grateful tho it wasn´t worst!! Feeling better within a week= Thank You!

Now Friday sure started early I must say. Fell asleep at 8 p.m and woke up at 1 a.m. Fnassel seems pleased tho having company and I spend at least 20 minutes playing with him (hunting it other, he then wrestling my arm and hand etc) That cat´s so cute and fun and smart. I´ve been working, doing dishes (silently to not wake someone up) cooking, baking and cleaning, now it´s time to lay on the nail carpet for a while.

Looking forward to continue "KonMari" this weekend. Today as I wrote earlier this week, will be a day of preparations.

Mata ne


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