Studying on your own terms pay off YATTA!

Do my affirmations and tapping, now- it´s not only to get rid of negativity, I use it to re enforce the positive aspects in my life. I´ve come to far to let stuff bother me a longer time.
Lately I´ve been blessed teaming up with human beings more interesting of co working for a better world in general living conscious then nurturing their Ego .
Thank you for that Universe 💗. Listen a lot to Louise Hay, her voice is like balm to the soul.

Now, another good thing. I raised my point by six taking a free online IQ test since October. I will however take a proper one in the future but that made my day so far- it means that learning language and meditate give results!! Actually feeling more alert than earlier on the day which is good, very frozen tho so a quick hot bath and then sew my hoodie-project :D Photo coming.

Mata ne


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