Oh those Happy Days to come, tho Joyful present´s already here

So, here´s the bun from yesterday in resting mood (today's hair is un-brushed, wild and wavy).

At the moment I´m listening to Brandi Carlile, so happy about her new album "By the way, I forgive you" -only two songs released so far but I wait patiently ^^/ Love "The Joke" and Brandi´s voice is the best I ever heard. She sings straight into your soul!!

Update about neighbor: she´s moving out, that´s confirm!!

We´re also on the move tho, but just at the beginning with the ball rolling, met with estate agent etc so YATTA!!

I´m crafting, working, chase meeting with right persons and start myself having a good time in a steady pace first time in years so Double YATTA about that!

Gotta go, Swedish pancake lunch´s waiting!

Mata ne


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