Is it just Wednesday?!

First time in month, I have been drinking a Power King! Well much needed today because of running (really running) errands. Now, I´ve landed at home with a bottle of Must Light (so sugar turning me into a Duracell Rabbit) a small bag of Nöt-creme (google it) and a jar of salted peanuts and small amount of candy.

I love the fact that my phone been ringing more the ever and they are all happy conversations for me. So, now some rest- then yoga and if there´s energy left, some power walking, shower, snacks and work.

Happy to notice what my clothes showed me but it was still a bit to my surprise: I´ve lost 4 kg (8 lb)

All that angry walking have paid off "kkkkkkkkkkk" thank you thoughtless and moved out neighbor.

I´ll ride that boost and keep exercising. Been booking classes at my gym and this time, this piece of wood will dance ^^

Gotta go

Mata ne


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