Circle lenses, bus chaos and bad angles

Tried to take a good photo of the lenses that arrived YATTA!!! But- today´s impossible to get a good angle or shoot so I gave up, took this one looking like Toothless staring and voíla! They are dark green and I will share another day in color. This are by far the biggest one I ever wore and I had a moment of - I can´t get them in!! feeling opening my eyes risking a backflip of eyelid but- I know now it´s just a get use too move so..

Golden snow boots hit the can this morning, send away to trash heaven. I use my autumn boots instead with knitted socks and a woolen sole. They also have a better grip and thankfully weathers a bit warmer today with a mix of snow and rain. 
Still chaos at collective traffic with buses not arriving in time or at all cuz they have been cancelled. Which us, the passengers, got the knowledge off standing on the bus stop wondering what multi-universe the third bus disappeared to, two non arriving buses ago.
But I have to give an praise to all bus drivers because they had so far keep their cool and kindness and that creates empathy and understanding among the passenger so Thank You!

Waiting for the postman as usual, like a happy dog. Oh, gotta go, Ich habe hunger!

Mata ne!


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