2 days left..

My new shoes ^^

Christmas break YEAH!!

I found them! My new shoes- warm and all, they can beat -18 degrees. Just a bit thin on their sole but, I have bought extra ones with good pressure points to put into them so YATTA!! I didn´t get cold under my feet by them but I could feel every rock and stone on the road and again, princess Pea´s feet..

Running like a rat today and broke the 10,000 step challange YES, so when I got reminded I had forgotten to eat lunch by a very loud stomach (Sorry Stommy) I bought Nocco  with the fab taste of "Skumtomte" and on that I manage to walk all the way home to eat good food, instead of buying some bad fast food or snack. It was so delish I´ve order a plate of 24 cans to drink after exercise sessions for me and Hubby Woppidoo!

Now, some rest before round 4! Oh, my Korean Make up have really been tested today and man, they pass the test with 100%! I´ll share products later on.

Gotta go, mata ne


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