Sweet Lord, even Nico has caught the flu, meowing like he´s a little monster with husky voice- we have been laughing a lot at each other´s Dracula voices ^^. Done some Japanese reiki to us all and when it comes to our four legged family member we´re revealed to see he´s not lost appetite or energy of playing so we doesn´t need to take him to the vet ( we checked it out with them, the warning signs) Human members taking Bromhexin, Teppix and other recipe free meds from the pharmacy.

The three of us doesn´t have huge appetite either because of this flu (and Will his infection) so my husband and I try to make delicious meals to us all, lure us into eating *lol* Thankfully we all got pretty similar taste in food.

Otherwise, life´s good. Sleep´s better, even slept without earplugs or sleeping pills. I got a more steady pace of energy and sure, this flu have been a backlash but nothing worst than I have to just do what I need to catch up :D

Oh, mailman´s here.

Mata ne


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