Some gal nail art sneak in ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

I´m not that into long nails at the moment but that doesn´t mean I don´t want my nails pretty ^^ I hope the bows and stones stay on at least a week because I haven´t use gel to cover the whole nail, just glue under them to spare them. 

Bad day yesterday because I had a monstrous headache again but this time I finally figured out why they come! I have to take sleeping pills now and then and if I doesn´t sleep them through properly this massive nasty headache arrives next day as a happy travelling clog-dancing group passing by deciding that my head are the perfect place to stop by and perform some serious extra hard stomping dance session during it´s stay. 
I have been a bit worried you see, not understanding why I got them for the last weeks.

So, no work yesterday, just pain from hell even when I finally ragle into bed and today, pain free Yes! but feeling like a beat up steak instead from shoulder, neck and head with noodle legs so I had to cancelled my session at the gym today. 

Waiting for the mail-person to arrive, meanwhile I do some house chores in slow pace, fixing my nails (as you can see) and work from my phone, both emails, readings and phone calls. Happy I´ve done my last work phone call for the day, the last one I think I sounded a bit distracted without meaning to, because the person I talked to interrupt me twice and I can see why. Oh well, we did understand itother in the end and that´s the only ting the counts ^^

I hope I´ll find the time to bake cinnamon buns because in Sweden tomorrow it´s the Cinnamon Buns Day, and trust me, with TWO dudes in this household that LOVES their fika- we gotta have some cinnamon buns tomorrow. If they didn´t work /got school so late today I had them bake them selves XD 

Took a walk after mornings errand and got the opportunity to take some photos which I´ve shared on my Insta account. Oh, oh- sounds like the mail..Gotta go!

Mata ne


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