Such a lovely morning! Woke up, did my affirmation and checked out Insta for inspiring photos, went up for a breakfast-shake and all my vitamins. Then I did only 10 minutes of gentle yoga soften up the muscles on my back that got very tens and painful during the lock on my spine I had Tuesday and Wednesday before our son- Miracle Boy- found it and released it Wednesday evening.

Now: I have open up balcony for fresh air, listen to the TV in the background and the neighbors continued saga of renovating their kitchen meanwhile I have done some errands over the phone and did a check up with hubby. I have caught a flu but I fight it back adding zink into my vitamins ^^

I´m very thrilled because we´re gonna start to Halloween decorating this weekend, I finally not only gain 1% more of energy, I´m like 50% more today and I love it! I also have some DIY project Fall Decoration I want to do that includes candles. I love candle lights but unfortunately, so do Fnassel.  So I have been looking for candle holders deep enough he cannot burn off whiskers again. Happen twice before OMG. 

I´m so grateful. I´m truly grateful for all good in my life.

Wish you all a wonderful Friday

Mata ne


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