Olaudah Equiano

I really need to say that all this in my life have not only been an eye opener but a chance to embrace some serious good changes! Yes, lack of energy is a bit disturbing but nothing that can´t be solved with planning ahead and respect the [small] amount of energy I got. Took the chance to walk in some serious lovely autumn weather- those smells of crispy winds, falling leaves seduces me big time and came 3 minutes before arrival of the bus to ride the rest of the way to our center of the suburb. Went to the library, an institution we really need to care about so they not go private owned. People need to understand the freedom of public own by government and to protect it because otherwise people will suffer. Same with health care and education! We know far too much today to argue about mental health= welfare in society or not. We need to care, we need to strive against peace.

Today Google celebrate Olaudah Equiano I didn´t know about him until today. I´ve linked his name to his wiki-page. Truly an important man I can say!

Gotta go, got some food on the stove

Mata ne


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