Aaaaarrrrrrr, it´s cold outside ey?!

Been out fore noon and finally the crossroad train are up and running ^^ I like riding it because it cross through very nice surroundings on its way.  Back home I mix little job- a lot of rest. Even thinking is a bit hard nowadays. I cling like a monkey-cat to the knowledge that this shall pass too because it drives me CRAZY being force to do nothing. Nothing, I say! Munching oatcookies with  chocolate on it in a desperate try of getting a smaller explosion of sugar-rush but nono, that haven´t happen. It may even be, that I´m more tired instead of less.

Anyhow, the cold has arrived. Looked like a pirate who lost her hook this morning hiding the hand not holding the take away cup inside my sleeve on the jacket. Thought I would snap my fingers off like thin popsicles! When I got home I change to thick gym-pants from Champion and my Harvard hoodie and after some work in front of the puter I crawled back into bed.

But, I´m not sleepy enough to fall asleep but no energy either to follow any TV-show what so ever.


Mata ne


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