Fnassel and some of my facials ^^
After a short meditation, breakfast (miso soup, two boiled eggs and a cupacoffee with cream) loaded the washing machine, started to clean up I had to put my headphone on with really loud music because at the moment I can´t master negative feelings trying to take over my mind from a bad dream. So- I´ll meditate again and a session of tapping if necessary because I do not have the time or the need for this. Life´s far to short and huge and great to waste on dwelling the past or future.
We got NOW ok :D

Found a cheap peel off mask people been talking about on the net so I got curious, maybe this is the one. I haven´t so far found a good one and I´ve tried some expensive brands. As we who are in some kind of hobby or business of trying out products know;  most expensive are not always the best :) so finger crossed!

Gotta go, got some demons to kill and a mask to put on (not necessary in that order lol)

Mata ne


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