Sneaker Time

Same second I went out the door the sole on my right sneaker came off halfway. What? So, quick change; ankle high, canvas sneakers color: orange- not fit for a lot of walk (my feet looks and feels like water balloons at the time I´m writing this)  but they are sure pretty and Kawaii by the season of Fall.

So- we had to go shoe-shopping in the middle of everything and decided to try for us, a new sportswear store out.

I would say it´s equal less quality products mix with some really good ones.
Ok, this new shoes are not the best construction for a foot but- they are enough for now. And I must say I LOOOOOVE the design. They are so Airgear Anime/Manga!! The white hem- O.M.G

Now, I´ll tell you how messed up I was at the end of the day, so bad my son actually led me out from the store holding my elbow meanwhile I mumble - But I can´t remember it!!

I was so tired I was total convince I hadn´t enter the code paying with my credit card. I still don´t! The cashier were really nice about it - Thank You for that most kind lady- but I felt like someone had lobotomize me!

Came home, went to bed for a while resting and then cooked dinner: tortillas YATTA!!

Mata ne


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