(o^^o) That kinda Friday

BTS XD  (screenshot)
Finally feeling better from the flu, but I´m tired as an eagle (to ugly translate a Swedish saying lol) from having fever for days and major finale yesterday being hit by a monstrous headache bigger then the moon that completely knocked me laying in pain all day but I got better late at night so I stayed up til 2 am finishing some work that went straight into my dash debt list- Hallelujah!

So, I do my commitment, one at a time and when I get stressed out- I meditate or watch empowering videos because I´m up to HERE excusing myself for even have the nerve to exist.

Dry eyes, dry throat but a happy heart <3

We celebrated our wedding anniversary yesterday morning and it was soooo good and luckily for me- it went off before my headache came.

I´m blessed with this man and this son and this cat. I´m blessed with familyrelatives and friends. I´m blessed and grateful and even tho I don´t take anything for granted, I´ll not reject anything eighter. I´m here, I´m alive and I love life!

Mata ne- Happy friday y´all! 


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