Man- whatta start!

Calling companies putting you in queue are not that funny (sitting almost 30 min people) but I´m telling you I´m really grateful they doesn´t play music!! Meanwhile I work by emailing and texting, trying not to stress my self out because of the pile of work that have grown during my illness. 
On the couch lays the September Issue of American Vogue. I rarely buy paper magazine this day getting them on my phone instead, but the September issue is something special.

Finally got through- but now instead we succeeded to mess things up oh my Lord so somehow we froze my access to my bank *lmao* Luckily we´re able to fix it immediate and I must say it actually feels good to see how fast they work to freeze accounts etc when they get a notice of suspicious activities (even though it was activated by us XD) 

Gotta go, mata ne

Footnote: Talked to one of the best serviceminded people I ever met! She was happy, really good of navigate me around, solve problem and helped me understand. CRED to her!!! I wish something really really good will happen for her <3


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