Let me introduce you to a Snore session

Had short, brisk walk this morning uphills with Nico inside my jacket and some serious passive aggressive rain coming down at us. It sure felt good to get inside knowing a warm blanket, soft pillows and a huge couch were waiting for you.
So, at home, we ate breakfast and then I found a 80 minute long interesting pod with some mind exercises. I snuggled up in my favorite corner and pressed play.

Listen for an good hour and then- woke up with a snore!
(went back to see what I´d missed but it wasn´t that much so I didn´t have to do it again)

Now, it did help though so I will do this exercise again. It´s actually a pretty common reaction to fall asleep in the beginning of a new meditation/mind exercise. When the whole family started to listen at Louise Hay we always found the listener happy sleeping meanwhile Lulus gentle voice navigated the student through her/his dreams ^^ So, being in a calm and centered mood, I´ll take the day as it comes but keep guard to any stressed situations or people. Getting this really good grip of how it supposes to feel, I don´t wanna lost it.

Happy Friday, mata ne


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