Hot Cocoa almond milk

Afternoon went south, mildly said.
Life taken a sudden turn but you still moving forward have to either step on the breaks risking of flipping over or take a quick turn risking of flipping over, and none of the  choices feels good. I dun’wanna flip!! I wanna  fly ✈️🚀

I feel blessed having my husband in my life as support and leading man in this movie called my life. Thank you all higher powers for that #truelove

Deep breath, a moment of true and deeply despair, then anger followed by acceptance.

Now, a good book and a cupa homemade hot cocoa to calm down before bed. Could see a bit clearer after all, cancelled my class at the gym tomorrow and choose to do a really good old cleaning before weekend and made two appointments instead next week. Got new exercise sneakers today cuz all to my surprise, I had none left after cleaning out the wardrobes and boxes in the basement! Found a really cute grey ones with a thick comfy sole for only 99 kr! Bargain people! 👟👟👟

Mata ne


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