Go get em Gal Mama

So, I got my lashes, I did it all; the whole gal mama shabang ( you can see it on Insta) - and 40 minutes later it all come off 😝😆 (did a good scrub and test a new gel to getting my pores back in right size away from the dirt. If this one doesn´t work I´ll order a bottle I got my eyes on from Cosmeticmarket2012)
I love Gal style, I wore it for years: sculpted nails, lashes, the hair, the clothes (a more mature and clothed one because we do have cooler weather here where the thermostat can reach - 30 degrees)

I still have a flavor of it in my outfits but more toned down, gal mama onee I would say with a mix of sport and mori some days.

Loaded the slow cooker with chicken and veggies and got some rice left from this morning, now I just have to figure out what to eat for lunch. Zero imagination *gah*  I saw a happy ripe avocado in the kitchen and I got a gang of singing boiled eggs in the fridge. Hmmm..

Mata ne


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