Fnassel in the house

Dear Lord! I woke up from bad dream at 3 AM and when I start to manage to go back to sleep, Fnassel decided it was a really good time to become Lightning McQeen racing around not only on the floors but now and then turn into a Parkour Cat jumping furnitures, go ninja kicking things down, attacking everything that make noises and taking turns running over me and hubby at bed!!  AT 3 AM!!!! And guess who´s sleeping right now!!!!! I´m so gonna wake him up XD

Had a hard time getting beck to sleep and when the alarm clock went off  7 AM singing "Big in Japan" I snoozed and snoozed and snoozed. But we manage to leave in time (even tho we walked like zombies to the bus, me in a big beanie and glasses cuz no way I can wear lenses today and son in a even bigger hoodie and face mask) I´d a huge coffee and almond milk earlier but I sure need another one because it feels like sleepwalking. Yesterday I was so tired I tried to beep my subway card at opposite gate getting trough not understanding why my gates didn´t open.

Autumn´s here people *YAAAAAWN*

Mata ne


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