On the edge of just drop on the floor, refusing to move. Up to my throat with the to do list and normally this doesn´t bother me but- after that Monster stomach-flu Wednesday leaving me with a stomach feeling like a big bruise, weakness and a fucking headache from Hell two days and a night in a row I´m ready to trow in the towel and just calm but firm say - No. Bye!

I have boost with painkillers (from Pharmacy, no need to worry for addiction) drinking rehydration and a Power King because I have errands I really need to tick off but I´m telling you I run like Saitama towards the weekend. I wish tho it didn´t rain.. balancing the umbrella with bags from the store can be tricky. Glad I pimped my backpack yesterday so I can carry stuff on my back, helping my body to not get overload. You have to be careful with ´em shoulders, neck and back.

Gotta go, got that motherfucking list to tick!

Mata ne


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