That yoga huh?!

Me after yoga session

Let´s talk about yoga. And family. And life.
When that scene in TBBT came on, we laughed a lot because in this family in many ways I´m Penny- and hubby and son are the rest and that´s often what it looks like when I have manage one of them (or in rare cases both) to do yoga with me XD

On the other hand- it´s also me shouting - HELP!HELP! sitting by the laptop. But, as I wrote earlier, I´m learning and there a fewer phone calls, or shouting, for help when I got into a fight with the Tech World proudly solving it myself. I can admit tho, it has been times me biting the laptop in frustration...

What´s so special about yoga? Alot! Why?
Because, its benefit reach so many levels!!
Not only do you get a stronger, leaner body no matter what your body-type is, it calms you down getting your mind sharper, it releases both happy and calming hormones during practice making you feel good after a session, weather you want or not. Like meditation it´s proved to increase your brain activity to better performance and improve your results of studies (not matter what that study is wohoo) And for me who has a job that sometimes have me sitting 10 hours in front of the computer or painting or sewing- it´s a lifesaver. Because of yoga, I can sit long hours because I get up and do one poses or two to loosen up tens muscles and strengthen them now and then except my ordinary sessions.

I´m taking back my habit of getting on the mat same minute I wake up and yes, before breakfast. Just get up, going to the loo if necessary, getting clothes on and then breathe iiiiiiiin, breathe ooooout making poses. Now, I have done yoga for many years but still when I haven´t yoga for awhile I have to start all over - Hello Sheldon.
But, because I have done it for so many years I also know, it doesn´t take more then two-three sessions to getting back on track. Two words: muscle memory. It will guarantee help you getting rid of the growing, suspicious thought your a crowbar unable to bend- your body is so amazing to adapt your wish like a genie and same second you think what you want to perform in a pose, your body goes the same direction. That´s why the line - Listen to your body! Listen to your body! are like a mantra in yoga world.
Now, for me I had to try practice yoga 60 minutes EVERYDAY for a full month to reach that level of memory but I´m telling you- it´s worth it. Now, I wrote try because there were days during that month I felt weak and tired from the session the day before and couldn´t do more then 20 minutes and that´s OK too. Just keep going. After that month I don´t have to do yoga everyday if I not wish for. And thanks to it, it helps me back faster. I bought a DVD to use at home. That´s actually how I started out my love journey with yoga. Like tapping I like sometimes to do it with a teacher, sometimes I prefer to tap alone. Same with yoga. Sometimes alone, sometimes a DVD or sometimes go to the gym.

And there´s many types of yoga and many types of teacher and it´s OK to be picky about it. You should be because it all comes down to what´s best for YOU!

Now, I have to work and study so I wish you all a happy Tuesday. And why don´t you let this day be the day you Namaslay in yoga? :D

Mata ne


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