Sensei Louise Hay- go in Love. You´ll be missed

Wonderwoman Louise Hay- warrior of peace, love and understanding

Time´s sure relative.
Somehow it´s Wednesday again and I´m just - Whaaaaat?

Anyhow, found a vegan recipe on Snicker bars I´m gonna try out tomorrow. 
Got noodle-legs from the morning exercise and just a hint of muscle pain in my upper arms and I´m TIRED af! 

My darling machine has arrived YATTA!! I have not been able to test drive her yet because of a full schedule so today when I sudden got a 50 minutes window I took the opportunity to begin to create a schedule to get structure because I stand behind the quote saying: No structure, no success.

Reached by the sad news our beloved spiritual teacher Louise Hay have today passed away of the great age of 90 yrs young. Love and blessings Lulu, you will be missed. There´s so much to say how she impact my life to the better and somehow, I don´t have words for it. 

Gotta go, mata ne


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