Oh bad planning- you son of a bitch >:(

This is me today. 

Been running around like a rat on speed, ticking off my to do list just to discover that the end of the list was a freaking illusion and I´m still six day away from getting over the finish line. And I have only myself to blame!!

Oh well,,,,,"%&&&#%"#!"#¤%&/()==(&/%¤"#¤"#&

Now, it feels better. I accidentally put Audible on from my back pocket (had my phone there) and suddenly, did I hear most beloved Eckhart Tolle`s calm voice floating around in the kitchen (he share place with Louise Hay of Best Voice to Calm You ^^)  I decided to take it as a sign!

So I let go of frustration, breathe yoga-style and just take one step at a time and I will reach my destination.

Mata ne


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