I found a machine!!!!

It arrives on Monday!
And it´s japanese <3 I can´t believe my luck. I had a price limit and I have been looking all summer and then BAM! there it was!!

Busy weekend, I´ll go to sleep within 30 minutes because among other subjects to do this weekend I have to go shoe shopping with son (if you´ve been shopping with a teen, you know why I need the energy) and shopping for a autumn jacket with hubby (again, shopping with your partner- why I need my energy)

My backpack I pimped the other day are almost broke- WHAT?! so I order a new one and cross fingers and toes the old one doesn´t break before the new one arrive. I hope the new one are as pretty as the picture show. Photos of it and the machine will of course come as soon I get them ^^/

Gotta go, yawning so big my mouth will flip over my head soon.

Mata ne


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