Circuitous Road on the move- and our new Twitter- account

Our new Twitter-account ^^/
I know some of you knew our last one but I felt it was old and needed an update so as we say in Sweden - Re-do and this time right. (bad and direct translate lol)
After month of preparation the company´s take off goes like a slow started, heavy train, which I like because it suits me, and for everyday I can feel the speed increase, which I also like! The routines stars to settle with space for unpredictable happenings and I must say it is an exited time right now.

Today I have Nico with me at work and he´s meowing around wanting to go outside again. We just had a walk during a shorter break, me enjoying the sun, he hunting flies. I must say I´m blessed with best work-mates ever in the company. 

Gotta go, Mata ne


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