måndag, september 26, 2016

Oh thy Monday Snoose and clowns

Waozaa, what a start to the week.

Full of lessons about myself and my surroundings.

Found everything I had on the purchase list and must say it still feels funny to say - Professionals! when I´m about to pay. Looking forward to start the projects!! Still waiting for some deliveries but they´ll arrive tomorrow or Wednesday soooo.

Met funny, knowledgeable and interesting people in the morning! Which totally wins over the clowns on the way home (insecure teen girls  desperate to be seen*sigh*)

Now I boil the potatoes and make my own potato salad. Did one for chicken yesterday, which resulted in the most deeee-wait for it- licious chicken sandwiches. For today's salad pork medallions will be served besides. But I have to take it easy, burned one finger in boiling water vapor because I'm uber tired. I need to learn to do stuff differently when I´m tired as hell. I´m D-O-N-E laying in bed. DONE, you hear (read) me!!

Gotta go, Mata ne!

söndag, september 25, 2016

Autumn, you great old lady

Absolutly wonderful weekend! Had so much fun with husband and daughter Friday, all three bought shoes (total in love with my new shoes!!), pizza restaurant visits where crazy things kept replace it other so the owner got confused and we kept hiding laughing with our face down-shoulder´s jumping tho , food shopping (twice because I forgot stuff first round) and lots of laughs in general!

Saturday was rest, cleaning and Netflix and today was Good Food Sunday with movies and valuable talks, both Hunk (husband) and Kitten (Kiddo) have so much interesting to say and thinkable opinions. Only down side was that I accidentally overate so I ´ve been full for hours and hours. 

Busy week to come so now a little night snack and then ZzzzzzzZleep!

Mata ne!

fredag, september 23, 2016

Happy Friday

Hurrah, the bad flow´s gone!!

It somehow feels like fog lifted from my sight and I can, to quote our dearest late Wayne Dyer, see clearly now ^^ May he rest in peace <3

The bootcut jeans I order went back again. It was soooo not me nor my style! Skinny or flare (long ones, not ankle), thats it.

October lays in front of me as a beautiful and fun month of creativity together with hard work in a gorgeous, deep, rich colors of mahogany, orange, yellow, fir green and pink (because pink fits every season) tartan pattern.

Gotta go, mata ne!

darkness before dawn..

Don´t even think the week got better- to be honest, I have never never never ever had such bad flow as this week. I know I will laugh at it in a few days but right now, well, I´m almost mesmerized by it.

It´s not bad Mojo, I actually think it´s what Louise Hay call: Getting-worst-before-getting-better-because-you-have-made-up-your-mind-for-better-things- syndrome!

That, and the catastrophic combination of Monster the energy soda was the reason for my melt down the other day. I had forgot I can´t drink them anymore for the simple reason I´m a s.c clean-eater. To much sugar gives the same reaction as a booze hang-over which explain why I cried like a waterfall. I do believe I still had become pissed off cuz like I said: incredible crazy messed up thangs has happen this week but it´s not like me to start crying like that. (I do become a soft-spot tho, once a month, and cry over stupid commercials LOL)

Anyhow- I will not give in to anger, I refuse. My mantra is this wonderful quote I heard from Louise Hay(I don´t know if she in return quoted someone else so if you know who said it, pls leave a comment!)

"Impatience is resisting of learning"

Now, I´m a big fat striver to always be an A-Student so that quotes got me big time and I love it.

Gotta go, I´ve some meditation to do before sleep!

P.S: I fucking murder if something fall in my head to wake me up- that getting worst thing can pack it´s bags and LEAVE!

Mata ne!

onsdag, september 21, 2016

Fucking Wednesday

Hard to do if you´re not sure tho what you do love, or when you have so many choices you don´t know where to start.

Totally sucky day today, all from me accidentally dropping our 1,3 kg piece of cheese (read at the moment SHIT) on my foot, to laptop hang it self, internet refused to work, to Nico screaming bloody murder at the door two hour straight before he gave up combined with bad sleep, still weak after illness.. so I snapped. 

Crying like a waterfall tired tired tired!! 

Still weak, but no more tears. Getting ready to go food shopping.

Hope you all had a better day

Mata ne!

fredag, september 16, 2016

Bow for thy creativity

Sometimes it´s all that is needed to feel a bit better when you´re sick. You can´t tell by the photo but I also wore a strong pink lipstick. Why? To flirt with my creativity!

So this evening I have drew another figure to Circuitous Road to work with- YATTA

Mata ne!

Movie Friday

Tea, Netflix, fashion magazine and fever, second day in a row.
I´m glad it´s Friday and will take the opportunity of the weekend to rest. Here´s someone who is grateful for laptop table so I can work, surf the internet och draw in bed :D

Gotta go, wish you all a wonderful Friday

Mata ne