lördag, januari 21, 2017

Creative Chaos

Productive day. Now: bed!

Mata ne

Pattern Hunt´s Over

Quick sketch

Finally found a good pattern on overalls. Gonna order it next week and meanwhile, I´m going to check out fabrics. Because of my body type (tall and curvy), I have had a hard time to find a pair fitting well so as we say in Sweden: best being self sufficient!

(I´ll have to modify the pattern a bit because I want them more slim)

Mata ne

To watch everyday

It´s time baby!

picture unknown, pls leave comment if you know who made this
Done back exercise and some yoga today. Love love love.

Woke up with ache in my lower back so I knew it was time; the rest is OVER!

Happy happy joy joy

Mata ne

Statement of 9 day/ 27 items

Very, very liberating.
More room to breathe, to move, to live.

As I wrote earlier, I wasn´t prepared for the mental reaction, me doing the same but with old thoughts, believes and feelings but it was worth it!!
Now, I should have known it would followed because one of the technique you use is that if you feel hesitation about an item, hold it close to you and really imagine to take it with you into your future and only positive feelings are allowed people. Holding something that give you stomach ache or anxiety - OUT!

So, I will continue this but I will narrow it down now to 20 items/day for one week as a starter.

I do recommend this for everyone, even at your work. The Universe I was told, doesn´t like emptiness so why we declutter is to leave room for the things we REALLY want, instead of old stuff that not always but many times keeps us prisoners to old, negative believes and feelings.

Gotta go, Happy Caturday everyone

Mata ne