onsdag, augusti 24, 2016

Fashion fashion

Yes it is.

How to exercise with cat

Had plans for a sleep in morning. Woke up that Nico RAN over my face followed by hubby's laughter. He came from kitchen and saw it all. After that I was awake.

After meditation I did yoga. So did Nico- street fight yoga if you ask me. After several attacks on my feet he attack my head from behind (gently tho, but still a distraction) so I found a way to hold him and end my exercise. He liked all of it except when I held him as a small medicine ball and used him as a weight during my Pilates (I have a session of 6-10 min for stomach I do almost everyday- internal corset people)

Still weak after yesterday so I have to take it easy today but it´s OK. I got this week before my Back To Reality- check kicks in Monday to come. 

Tomorrow is another history. Full speed all day. 

Gotta go, mata ne!


Same moment I decide to get up ..

tisdag, augusti 23, 2016

Tuesday eve

Itching in my fingers to create so I happily discover I got energy enough to draw some. 

But thats it. Now: bed! I´m so tired my eyes water up.

mata ne!

But OMG Jennie, u know better then this

Got dried out yesterday during my exercise for noon cuz I forgot to rehydrate during power walks, cross fit Pilates and yoga, rookie mistake. Got the worst headache coming around 4:oo pm escalating until 2:00 am!! Camel-drank water and visit loo like 1000 times before headache started to fade away and I was able to fall asleep. Done some errands today forenoon but now body says No. So, I'll spend rest of day in bed, eating and drinking getting energy back, moving rest of my job and errands til tomorrow. 

söndag, augusti 21, 2016

About Saturday and plans for Sunday

Wonderful day Saturday. Went into city where the festival of Culture took place. Kitten met up with some friends and me and hubby went Pokemon hunting meanwhile we enjoyed the festival. At home later on did a hamburger dinner took place, some serious fun snapchating, washing tons of clothes (Kitten) playing cards (Kitten and Hunken) me reading biography by Vivienne Westwood and playing with Nico and then mini SPA (me)

Got a list for tomorrow, my goal is to complete it!

Mata ne!

onsdag, augusti 17, 2016

Wednesday Doc and some jedis

Woke up to the sound of something crashing to the floor. But it sounded small so I didn´t bother to go up and check.

It was Nico who had done a Syler on my mini Buddha I meditates too!! So, I have performed a glue head operation a la Scrubs on mini Buddha and now we´re all fit for meditation again and I have also move the statue. No more injuries on him thanks.

Did two hour yoga yesterday which feels great because I woke up without any backpain at all!!! I´m so in LOVE with yoga I´m telling you.

Today has been a day of rest from work. Done housework and hanged out with family instead, doing fun stuff, it´s important to have balance in life.

Now, as you can see on the photo, I´m gonna watch one of my lifetime favorite movies (along with all the other in this saga <3)

Mata ne!