torsdag, oktober 20, 2016

Kumamon in the house+ tip of great app

I must say it: thank God for pharmacy products. Gonna have some pain killers home in an hour so I prepare now for work. This years flu is a mean, mean one. I had so much headache and pain in my neck and shoulders during the night I couldn´t sleep!! 

Got my Kumamon case today YATTA! Just love the little Kumamon attached <3

Looking forward October, November and December because:

  • Hubbys birthday
  • Halloween
  • Movie: Dr Strange
  • Kiddos birthday
  • Movie: Fantastic beasts and where to find them
  • Movie: Rouge One
  • Christmas
Autumn is the best season I´m telling you!

Also: tip of the best app for us anime/manga, japanese fashion style nerds: Beauty Cam. Choose Pikapika and go loose! You can see some photos on my Insta ^^

Mata ne!

onsdag, oktober 19, 2016

Fever- gaaah

Third day of fever, it getting to you. Wish I was a witch so I could use magic to clean and cook and give me more energy!

Mata ne!

it´s the little things in life..

Whatta day!! We all got ill, Kiddo in bed, me and husband working-resting-working-resting but at the same time, I like that we all are home at the same time (I´m like a dog in that way, wanting the whole family in one spot XD)

Gonna start to cut pattern to Kiddos Halloween costume, really fun and challange task. 

I finally got the head-band I ordered YATTA, it fits perfect! Why this is a huge thing for me is because we have flat back heads in my family which makes almost every headband pop right up in high speed, or when we have longer hair (we all got thick hair) sliiiiiding slowly up build like a hair shelf. 
This one´s smaller and tighter without squeezing my brain out of my ears creating a headache. 

Gotta go.

Mata ne

tisdag, oktober 18, 2016

Foxises as Gollum would say

draw with Promarkers and edited in Picsart
Long but creative day, both work and with art. Did yoga for 60 minutes, marvelous marvelous. Had a really good laugh watching "Swedish Hollywood wifes" Just love Maria´s (Montazami) home and she and her family is a fresh breeze of air. Now, some meditation before beditime. Have to get up early tomorrow.

Mata ne

Tuesday Thoughts

Life´s a precious gift.
(I know there´s people who doesn´t agree and that´s OK, we are all allowed to have our opinions)

Now, gotta go, got a bowl of french fries waiting in the kitchen :D

Mata ne!

söndag, oktober 16, 2016


Sunday, cleaning and cooking and washing and planning for the week to come and teen-mama stuff. Somehow I cannot see the end of the to-do list that keep growing faster then I have time to cross over subjects that are done.

Well, deep breath- and one thing at the time..

Mata ne

lördag, oktober 15, 2016

the first step

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step

I´m in the middle of taking that step. It hasn´t been easy so far because of my back and lack of sleep but- it has not subdue my drive doing this eighter!

A contrary, I feel a stronger urge to succeed. Not to show anyone but the longing of doing this for my own sake and my own pleasure is so strong I can almost taste it. I have had a lot of different jobs during the years, all of them have prepared me for this. I know I can do this.

Now: almond cookies needs to be baked, gotta go!

Mata ne!