tisdag, februari 21, 2017

Multicasting, No Thank You

Black dress, beginning

Wonderful Tuesday. Had brainstorm-meeting at breakfast with Kiddo. He too has a lot to catch up so we help each other to plan ahead most effective ways to reach our goals.

Re-painted my nails meanwhile I edit photos. Multicasting is nothing I recommend but sometimes you need to. Why me, queen of Multicasting in the past, say No now, is because I have discover it doesn´t serve you well at all on long term basis. Multicast when you absolutely need to, instead: be a better planner and then follow up what you put on your to-do list one thing at a time. It´s all about being in the moment, enjoying life ^^/

Gotta go, Mata ne

måndag, februari 20, 2017


My easel <3
I did it!! I broke the deadlock!!

I have been written, painted with oil-color and started to sew a dress, both machine and by hand (because sometimes the hem and fabric look better when it´s made by hand)

Thank to Kiddo and husband, I have laughed a lot (just them being themselves) and feeling good again.

Gotta go, movie night´s on!

Mata ne!

When Jedi manner help you

Procrastinating someone?! Really important to Snapchat at this moment
Longing for Friday. And Saturday and Sunday! We have some serious fun plans for the weekend and I´m thrilled to share it with my favorite persons hubby and Kiddo.

To quote one of my favorite characters - I feel a disturbances in the force! Something holding me back from painting today, and writing too and sew (but that last one is easier to understand, my sewing machine is a bit loco at the moment and need to see repairer) . 

I will, like a true Jedi (wannabe) meditate and then we´ll see. 

May the force be with you all!

Ohoh, my Kumamon sleepingmask with coolermask come today YATTA!! You can see it at my Insta account -_- 

Mata ne


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Coffee Coke and Chocolate at Circuitous Road

Been reading some exiting news from the Wonderful World of Hair.
I have some work to do, to get what I want!
Way calmer since last post. I know the law of attraction to well to blame someone else for my bad mojo, I´m well aware it´s me creating it so, I did the best you can do: let it go!

Also, going on Teen diet this afternoon: coca cola, Marabou chocolate, toasts and coffee. By this you can really tell I´m tired trying to get a fast fix of energy but that´s OK- some days are just like this.( I´ll not tomorrow tho- my stomach actually swelled like a balloon writing this- very uncomfortable )

Need a little rest before I continue and I really need to change channel, got a TV as background noise but it´s the tv-show Booze Patrol and all this drunks screaming and fighting is not that inspiring!)

Mata ne

Oh Monday you bitch!

On my desk :)
I´m sure I´ll laugh later but right now I´m most frustrated over my bad mojo.

Morning started really well. then, a phonecall later all day have to be rearrange and not for my benefit.

But hours later of idiotic and irritated happenings, happy I´m home in one piece, I have just eaten an semla and I can hear the coffeemaker working bubble and brew in the kitchen and we´ll eat lasagna for dinner so: bad mojo? Bite my shiny metal ass!!

Gonna have more semla tomorrow cuz it´s Sweden´s Fat Tuesday YATTA!!

Mata ne

Late Sunday

My to-do list this week.
So, so tired, ve been working this weekend, which I didn´t plan to do but at the same time, my work is so much fun it doesn´t feel like work, you know..

Gotta go, zzzzzzleep, mata ne!

lördag, februari 18, 2017

Lovely Saturday night

Been working. I would love to continue but Mjölner (Marvel hero/Nordic mythology reference- Go Nerds) suddenly hit ma head with tiredness so now: hot bath for soar muscles and messy brain and then Good night!

Mata ne