onsdag, december 07, 2016

Working out with your Kiddo ^-^

Put my scarf around your stomach and pulled the tired teenager uphill. So darn good workout. Walked a lot today, which I´m so in Loved with!! And today is first day I can do YYYOOOGGA💕 !! Happy, Happy Tiger!!

Anniversary today of 💞Dad💞, I miss him and been concuss about remembering him. Ate hampis (hamburger) for him yesterday and today, the wonderful favorite dish we shared. 

Gotta go, Mata ne!

mÄndag, december 05, 2016

Better say, better day

I refuse feeling bad.

So, I first challenge my bad and negative cocktail of feelings whom I woke up with (horrible) and choose to replaced it with Faith! And after that, the rest fell into place and I could see signs of LOA kick off for my greater good- it´s amazing!! Back home I have done some tappsising (Gollum way of saying) and mirawak (mirror-work)

The best part is, that this Monday went from Nay to YAY!!

Mata ne

Oh Sh*t- it´s Monday!!

Usually, I like Mondays. 

But today, I woke up feeling dizzy and nausea because I´m so tired. And of course I got a full day and full morning tomorrow before I can relax so Breathing in a slow and steady pace (yoga breathing) is no 1 on my list.

Gotta go, mata ne

söndag, november 27, 2016


So much fun to look forward to this week to come. And it feels good after a weekend of great joy. Me and hubby had a date yesterday and we still laugh so much we cries after 7½ yrs together- grateful down to my bones I´m telling you. Crazy much in love.

I wasn´t prepared for first of Advent this weekend, I´ve been really busy with other things so I´m still not done with Christmas decorations, happy tho I got the curtains up- but that´s OK.

As you can see I share a work in early, real early, process, learning how to blend colors. I wish I had time to go to a drawing class or painting class so I had a teacher helping me out but as it seems right now in my life, that´s not the direction it´s headed ^^/ that´s OK too.

Halfway through my list, I have to go to bed- so tired it feels like I´m going to fall asleep sitting up.

Mata ne

lördag, november 26, 2016

New Love

Prrrfct to all winter's outfits


Such Saturday. Walked a lot, had a date with husband, so lovely!! Found me some jeggings, I´m surprised too about it but they are adorable and great to wear. Gonna have some more of them in different color. Bought some Christmas presents and finally: a selfie stick.

Rest of the weekend looks like this:

  • gaming
  • resting
  • walks
  • cleaning
  • washing clothes
  • yoga
Mata ne

fredag, november 25, 2016

Oh that hair of mine (mind)

Thanx for Black Friday going global! I could bought two pair of lenses for the same price of one! So violet and grey are on their way- happy puppy!!

So tired I miss-read on the box when I lighted up my hair so I had to wash it out immediately and even tho it did it job for 3 minutes, it´s not near that blonde shade I was into. On the other hand, I got hair. I´m happy. I´m alive- I don´t have time and energy at the moment getting negative about it. Only thing I feel is that I could have use that money for something better!!

First day I feel a bit energize and I don´t think it´s only the Monster I drank earlier ^^

My sleep are fucked up again so I have now order Thrive´s gel Rest and will give 30 nights a try. praying it will arrive fast. I really, really needs it.

Had plans for the weekend, and then Kiddo told me about a school project *sigh* Bye bye slow walk around town..

Gotta go, I must blow dry my hair cuz I have some more errands to do.

Mata ne