måndag, oktober 24, 2016


Growing up eating was boring, and just necessary. Of course I could get cravings, often hamburger-craving, today I know it´s because I´m a person reacting well to the combo of fat and protein. I´m that body type not getting full for long on veggies but in hours on cream and eggs.

So, when people sat around the table rubbing their stomachs sayin -Mmmmmm and -Aaaaahh about the meal, I sank slowly bored down my chair and under the table.

Then, in my late twenties, I discover South beach diet. 

Nono, it´s not a fancy-pancy diet, it´s actully produce by dr Arthur Agaston for his patience. Dr Agaston has dedicate most of his carrier to improve heart scanning and worked a lot with over weight patience gone thru operations linked to the narrow and clogged arteries in your heart. He developed this diet so patience would lower their blood sugar, add good fats and lost weight already after operation bound to their beds.

Now, as in many families, couple diets together so a lot of the partners to the patience started to report fast weight loss meanwhile they felt terrific and never was hungry! And many of them visit their own doctors taking test and could see that their health was better then in years!

You see, the Feeling Great feeling was not just fitting their favorite jeans again- this diet are made so  you never starve or need to go hungry. In fact, you eat 6 times a day. 

So, I tried it. And after my first two weeks, detoxed from sugar above all, I started to feel flavors from the food.

This newfound heaven sent me straight to the ally of Appreciate tastes. And for the first time, I enjoyed eating!

So, this home made warm cocoa and scramble eggs with a dollop of butter (no added spices) makes my body shiver of joy.

Wanna see a funny face? Me eating store bought candy. I love Snickers and are during process to invent my own recipe of Snickadoodlish bars and cookies ^^/ I sometimes buy one when my blood sugar runs way to low but I thinks the taste is always so strong it almost burn my mouth and no- it´s not as good as my homemade chocolate spongecake with peanut flour in it.

The name? Because dr Agaston was stationary at South Beach! (He´s actually a bit annoyed people thought it´s a "bikini-diet" developed to support the ugly side of socity were skinny people are seing as better then normal or over weight ones- it´s a lifesaving diet peeps, ok!?

Now, I have been eating pretty clean until spring 2016. Personal happenings got my of the wagon with sleep and eating habits putting an extra 10 kg on my poor body (almost 20 pounds) so now we have decided to go South Beach again. 

I can´t wait to start!

If you´re interested of this diet, here´s the ISBN number to this awesome book full of true stories as inspiration and deeeeelicious recipes:  9789172320314

Mata ne!


I cannot believe this years flu!! We´re still ill! Kiddo tried to get up this morning, dressed and all but weakness beat determent so it was just: turn around- go to bed!

Got a long to do list but it´s OK, I like to have To Do so. Post a photo of my life-savior (by choice, I know there´s plenty of alternative instead) this morning with that hashtag on Insta, she´s a pink dream a grumpy, cold Monday (talking about the weather!!) I know the weather cos I had to take out some trash and man I´m glad I got my thick knitted beanie and duffel with fake fur *brrrrrr*

The lack of energy making us dizzy standing up to long makes a challenge to achieve my goals but I´ve found a way around it: job-rest-housework-rest-job-rest-housework and so on. 

Wish you all a Happy Monday

Mata ne!

lördag, oktober 22, 2016

Peaceful Saturday

TVD marathon. Watched Brooklyn 99 earlier. Tomorrow is my first day of exercise again, had to rest my back for 48 hours.

Have a really busy week to come, so I´m happy for weekends to rest.

Gotta go, Mata ne

torsdag, oktober 20, 2016

Kumamon in the house+ tip of great app

I must say it: thank God for pharmacy products. Gonna have some pain killers home in an hour so I prepare now for work. This years flu is a mean, mean one. I had so much headache and pain in my neck and shoulders during the night I couldn´t sleep!! 

Got my Kumamon case today YATTA! Just love the little Kumamon attached <3

Looking forward October, November and December because:

  • Hubbys birthday
  • Halloween
  • Movie: Dr Strange
  • Kiddos birthday
  • Movie: Fantastic beasts and where to find them
  • Movie: Rouge One
  • Christmas
Autumn is the best season I´m telling you!

Also: tip of the best app for us anime/manga, japanese fashion style nerds: Beauty Cam. Choose Pikapika and go loose! You can see some photos on my Insta ^^

Mata ne!

onsdag, oktober 19, 2016

Fever- gaaah

Third day of fever, it getting to you. Wish I was a witch so I could use magic to clean and cook and give me more energy!

Mata ne!

it´s the little things in life..

Whatta day!! We all got ill, Kiddo in bed, me and husband working-resting-working-resting but at the same time, I like that we all are home at the same time (I´m like a dog in that way, wanting the whole family in one spot XD)

Gonna start to cut pattern to Kiddos Halloween costume, really fun and challange task. 

I finally got the head-band I ordered YATTA, it fits perfect! Why this is a huge thing for me is because we have flat back heads in my family which makes almost every headband pop right up in high speed, or when we have longer hair (we all got thick hair) sliiiiiding slowly up build like a hair shelf. 
This one´s smaller and tighter without squeezing my brain out of my ears creating a headache. 

Gotta go.

Mata ne